Texas Real Estate Business

12 Reasons Why Real Estate is the BEST Business in the World!

Reason #1: Realtors® are in demand.

America is full of buildings that house businesses and families. Every time one of these are leased or sold, Realtors® get paid. Whether it’s residential or commercial, leasing or sales, there are opportunities galore to participate in the real estate industry. Other opportunities include becoming an inspector, appraiser, investor, developer, property manager, loan officer, or title officer.

Reason #2: You control your own time.

Work, play, vacation. Do what you want when you want; stop sitting in traffic or watching the clock and start watching yourself enjoying life free from the constraints and drudgery of the 8 to 5 workdays. Do what you want to do whenever you want to do it.

Reason #3: You get to be your own boss.

If you are tired of being told where to be, what to do and being under-appreciated and under-paid, then get control of your life, your destiny, and your income by getting licensed as soon as you can. Fire your boss, become an independent contractor, and never report to work again. Have fun selling homes to people who respect and appreciate you.

Reason #4: Unlimited income potential.

Make as much money as you want. No one will ever again tell you what you are worth. With our training that we developed from years of selling and investing, you can literally name your income and get to the top of the best business in the world. Tell us how much income you want, and we will give you the proven formula we have been using ourselves for over 30 years. Our successful grads are our proof!

Reason #5: No experience necessary.

Experience IS the best teacher. Our experience from hundreds of transactions will accelerate your progress and get you to the closing table faster. It doesn’t matter if you have sales skills or not; our 3-step success formula works. With our training program all you have to do is follow the formula created by us that will get you started faster. We will show you what to do and how to do it.

Reason #6: Inexpensive compared to other professions.

Compare the cost of a real estate license to that of a lawyer, doctor, CPA, etc.… Get licensed, get trained, start selling houses, all for less than you think. Class packages start at $599. Why pay more and get less? Training is included!

Reason #7: Faster to enter.

Compare the time other high-level professions like lawyer, doctor, CPA, etc.…take to enter the workforce. Compared to other professions, Real Estate is the easiest of all. In the time it takes to complete years and years of college, graduate school, internship, apprenticeship, and preparation vs. being licensed in just a few weeks and start earning your investment back. Get Up & Running in 5 days. All you need to do is follow the formula.

Reason #8: Easy to get licensed.

Take all your classes online from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world at any time. Enjoy animated videos, recordings of live classes, interactive and entertaining class materials in a self-paced home study format available to you on your schedule 24/7/365.

Reason #9: Easy to get started listing and selling homes.

Your license guarantees you nothing!  After you receive your license, learn to use it! Created by us from the experience of closing hundreds of real estate transactions over 30+ years, our unique “Up & Running in 5 days” Mentoring Program will get you started closing transactions faster. How will you find people who are thinking about either buying or selling a home today? And what will you say to them when you do? Learn the language of real estate to attract buyers and sellers to you like a magnet.

Reason #10: “Insider trading” is legal!

That’s a joke, of course, but it is true. As a licensee, we join the local board of Realtors® and also the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), where thousands of properties are listed for sale. Some are distressed properties that can be purchased at some very good prices. The public does not have access to MLS. Only Board members do. In essence, you have “Inside Information”. There is nothing illegal with buying investment property that you find in the MLS. Increase your financial IQ. Learn how to locate, analyze, contract, inspect, negotiate, rehab, own and manage properties and help you build your own real estate property portfolio while minimizing risk. We teach more than just getting a license. Our courses are designed to show you how to use your license to make all your dreams come true. The real wealth in real estate is in owning it. Your financial worries disappear as you add income stream after income stream by acquiring low-risk high-return properties to your portfolio. Our Principles of Investing Course (#900) will show you how.

Reason #11: We get paid for helping others.

I saw this quote when I first got into the real estate business:

“Real estate is the best business in the world…we make other people’s dreams come true…while achieving our own.” It was given to me by my office manager who was watching me struggle in my first year and thought I could use some encouragement. She was right. It worked and I focused on making other people’s dreams come true. It made me a very successful real estate agent.

Reason #12: Anyone can do it.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, what gender you are, what age you are, what your background is, how much education you have or your height. If you are committed and coachable and follow the formula, you, too can get to the top of the best business in the world, make as much income as you want, go anywhere you want, live anywhere you want and have the life you want.