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We have hand-picked 5 of our best Business and Investing 2-hour CE classes which will be taught by co-owner, investor, author, internationally recognized trainer and comedian Wayne Morgan and Zoomed to you wherever you are. The remaining 8 hours (TREC Legal Update I and II) can be taken online at your convenience.

Please join us and prepare to be engaged and entertained in this live interactive TREC-approved series of five assorted 2-hour CE classes totaling 10 LIVE hours of instruction!

The 10 hours live with Wayne will be taught over two days and broadcast across Texas, so sign up today! The Legal Update I and II will be taken online. Course access information will be emailed to you upon enrollment.

Take these dynamic, impactful, content-rich classes and up your game!


Day 1 (Thursday)

6 hours of CE to include the following three 2-hour courses:
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM – The Future of Real Estate: Where do we go from here?
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Two Sides of a Business: Attraction and Automation are imperative going forward.
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM – The Millionaire Mindset and The Path to Wealth: Financial Statements made EZPZ.

Day 2 (Friday)

4 hours of CE to include the following two 2-hour courses:
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Know Your ROI Before You Buy! (APOD Form Part 1): Prepare for the corrections by knowing your numbers.
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Know Your ROI Before You Buy! (APOD Form Part 2): Asset Values and Leverage, two keys hitting home runs.


Take online at your own pace

8 hours of CE to include the following two 4-hour courses:
2020-2021 Legal Update I
2020-2021 Legal Update II

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To Attend:
– You must be paid ONE DAY PRIOR to class starting.
– You must RESERVE A SEAT in each class. **NO registrations will be allowed the day of class.** 

To Reserve your seat, please contact us at 512-453-0900 or email at info@buildmyrebusiness.com.

If these dates don’t work for you, this 18-Hour CE “Business & Investing” course package is also available in 100% online On-Demand format:

  • Watch a recorded video instruction online
  • Pause and play when you like
  • Take a Final exam
  • No travel or additional expenses required
  • Access course from any desktop or tablet
  • Receive course credit upon passing the final exam with a grade of 70% or higher
  • Student Booklet PDF is included

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These are some of the testimonials from the students who’ve just taken these classes!

“In almost a decade of real estate the first hour of this class has been the most informative of all the CE I have ever taken.”

Ian Anderson

The instructor is very knowledgeable, knows his business and is a great instructor. If you fell asleep in this class you’re taking sedatives. Not boring at all! This class was not a waste of my time!” 


“Just completed CE with Wayne via webinar and it was excellent!”

Kevin Johnson

“Really loving this class!  I have taken several commercial property classes and this one has been more informative by far!”

Tami Joyce

“I can listen to Wayne all day long!”

Jan Lee

“Great materials and delivery!…that’s for sharing your wisdom!” 

Richard Hall

“Great class, exactly what I needed! Thank you so much, Wayne!”

Catalina Ioan

Your Instructor: Wayne Morgan

Your Instructor: Wayne Morgan

Co-founder and CEO of The Real Estate Business School

Wayne has been an Entrepreneur since age 16 and a Business Owner since age 19. He is the Author of the book “How to Get Rich in Real Estate..AND Have a Life!”, an International Seminar Leader who traveled with and taught for Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and many other books. As a Real Estate Investor, Wayne has been involved in over 800 real estate deals worth over $500 million dollars. He owns three Business and Real Estate Training Companies, has trained over 200,000 participants, had a local TV show “Your Real Estate Show”. 

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18-Hour “Business & Investing” CE Package

18 Hours

The Future of Real Estate (2 hours) – #35719/ #35707

The world of business, and especially the real estate business, is changing at high speed. What will the future of business look like? What patterns, trends or news topics should you be paying attention to? How can you predict the future?

In this course Realtors will learn how to predict, expect, plan, compete, and profit from the coming changes as change is the only constant one can count on.

The Two Sides of a Business (2 hours) – #38107/ #38207

This course describes the two sides of a business and how they function and fit together. One side is the Outside Perception; how the marketing component of the business affects the perception the public has of the business. The other side is the Inside Systems; how the internal workings of the business deliver the product or service, which must match what was advertised in the marketing.

The Millionaire Mindset & The Path to Wealth (2 hours) - #38368/ #38441

There is a great deal of misinformation around the subject of money in general and investing in particular in real estate. The thoughts that “investing is risky” and “passive income is difficult to achieve” will be explored.  This course will take students through the process of changing their “context” to that of an investor. Thinking like an investor is the first step. The course unfolds with specific information about valuing property. This course is extremely relevant to anyone considering investing themselves or representing clients with investment properties. The purpose of this course is to give students who have a desire and interest to learn how to invest, the tools they need to become knowledgeable about the subject of investing.

Know Your ROI Before You Buy! (APOD Form Part 1) (2 hours) – #36867/ #36882

In this course Realtors will learn how to make a shift from a Speculator to an Investor and how to measure and manage financial risk when buying an investment property. The course will cover in depth how to use and fill out Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) and Closing Costs Estimate forms. Realtors will learn about various tools that can be used in order to determine a value of the property and that will help them set their investment criteria.

Know Your ROI Before You Buy! (APOD Form Part 2) (2 hours) – #38369/ #38440

This course is extremely relevant for anyone who wants to work with investment property and investors. The course contains information about how to calculate returns on the investment as well as methods for determining value of the asset. Combined with the CE course #36882 Know Your ROI Before You Buy (APOD Form Part 1), these two courses give the student a total picture of how to analyze a property for value and return on investment. The course is relevant in that it educates the student and makes them more competent to represent investors.

What is APOD Form? The APOD (Annual Property Operating Data Form) is the form used to calculate Income and Expenses of the property to come up with the Net Operating Income (NOI) of the property.

Legal Update I (4 hours) – #37796
Legal Update 1 is a TREC required course for any licensee once they have been licensed and in their first two years of licensure and every two years after that. As the title suggests, this course is updated every two years by the Texas Real Estate Commission and the Texas A & M Research Center with topics that are applicable for that time period. The course includes statutory changes, TREC rule changes, proposed rule changes and any other topics that TREC feels needs addressing to update licensees in the state of Texas.
Legal Update II (4 hours) Includes Ethics – #37797
Legal Update 2 is a TREC required course for any licensee once they have been licensed and in their first two years of licensure and every two years after that. Similar to Legal Update 1, this course will cover contract changes, ethics, federal laws hat impact real estate licensee and hot topics.