3 Steps to Success by Wayne Morgan

3 Steps to Success

Real estate is the best business in the world and there are many reasons why but getting in isn’t the problem. Anyone can get in, staying in is the problem. This is why we teach the 3 Steps to Success, we teach you the business of real estate, not just answers to the licensing exam.

Step 1: Get your License

You need to get the technical education. This is a good foundation but no one will ever ask you the difference between accretion and erosion! TREC wants you to have a technical foundation but the marketplace wants you to have a business education, this is what we teach.

Step 2: Business Education

Sellers want to know if you can market their home, sell it and negotiate the best price for them; they want you to have a business education. This is why we created The Real Estate Business Blueprint. The Blueprint is a business model on paper that shows the 6 components of a business and the definition and goal of each. We are the only school in the country that has this. Two courses teach this; Real Estate Marketing: Principles of Business and Principles of Marketing.

Step 3: Financial Education

Aka: How to Get Rich in Real Estate AND Have a Life!, which is also the name of the book written for you by the owners of the school. You will never get rich 3% at a time. You will make more owning real estate than you ever will selling it to someone else. Principles of Investing teaches you how to find, analyze, write the contract, inspect, remodel, negotiate and re-sell properties.

Please let me know if you would like a copy of Waynes’ book, How to Get Rich in Real Estate… And Have a Life emailed to you.