about us the real estate business school
“It is our belief that the more successful we can make our students, the more successful we will be. As agents become productive and successful in building their business, they honor us with their patronage and come back to us for their renewal, continuing education, personal development and coaching courses. It’s truly a win-win situation.”

Lynn Morgan, co-owner The Real Estate School of Business


Through our variety of courses, delivery methods, and experienced staff, we are able to offer each and every student a comprehensive real estate education. What other schools will not tell you is that your license guarantees you nothing.

In order to set yourself up for success and to truly understand everything it takes to navigate through the world of real estate, it’s important to have not only a technical education (your license) but also a business and financial education.

It is with this comprehensive education that you will truly be prepared to represent buyers and sellers, negotiating best terms for your clients, and building your real estate business so you can spend more time working on growing your business than actually performing the day-to-day operational tasks.

Technical Education

Take our Texas real estate courses and obtain your real estate license

Business Education

In order to be successful within the Real Estate business, you need to operate like a business

Financial Education

Create your WEALTH by investing the profits from your business into low risk, high return properties.

Real Estate is…

THE best business in the world!

There is a path to the top of the business. Our Texas real estate courses curriculum was designed, created & modeled after the most successful tools, strategies & formulas you need to know to get there yourself. All you have to do is FOLLOW THE FORMULA.





100% Online Correspondence

Self-paced, self-proctored, download PDF, study offline, take exams online via built-in proctor tool, so no travel or additional expense. Access courses from any desktop, laptop, or tablet. Each lesson begins with Learning Objectives and Preview Questions. Learn these.

Exam topics are emphasized throughout the course via video, animations, and callouts (boxes with light bulbs inside). Learn these. Learn end-of-lesson Topic Quizzes. TREC requires 100% pass rate to progress to the next lesson.

Review end-of-lesson videos and Study Guides. These are your mini exam prep! Download course completion certificate upon passing final exam with grade of 70% or higher.

Text books available for purchase at 800-624-5440 or info@buildmyrebusiness.com. Courses provided by The Real Estate Business School (Austin Institute of Real Estate) (provider #701045/ #10071).

Combo Live + Online

The best of both worlds! 50/50 combo. 15 hours Online PLUS 15 hours of live classroom instruction. The Online portion is self-paced, self-proctored correspondence course.

Download PDF, study offline, take exams online via built-in proctor tool, so no travel or additional expense.

LIVE classroom portion includes experienced course instructors who lead you through the most important parts of the course material. Communicate and collaborate with other students, then take your exam online when you are ready! Text books also included.

Courses provided by The Real Estate Business School (Austin Institute of Real Estate) (provider #701045/ #10071).

Live Broadcasting

COMING SOON. Don’t live in Austin but still want to have a live experience?

Live Broadcast courses are 2-day instructor-led online courses that are broadcasted via the internet. These courses are the LIVE portion of the Combination LIVE + Online courses.

Approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission as 50/50 combo courses that have a scheduled broadcast time during which you will be taught the most important points of the course material. Online exams have integrated proctor tool, so NO travel or additional expense.