How do you prepare to get your real estate license? Why are you entering the real estate business? Have you decided in which geographic area you will be working? What price range you will work? Will you be focusing on residential sales, leasing, apartment locating, commercial sales, commercial leasing or property management?

When I ask people why they are entering the real estate business, I hear things like, “I don’t know. I like looking at houses. I think I would be good at it,” or, “I have a friend in the business, and she said I would be good at it,” or, “I’ve sold three houses, and my agent every time was not that good, but she made a lot of money, so I thought I would give it a try.”

Then they get licensed, and I bump into them a few months later. I ask them the same questions, thinking that maybe, since they have had a little experience and a chance to feel their way around, they have made some decisions. They tried sales, but that didn’t work, so they are now considering leasing. The truth is, they don’t have a plan, they are not prepared, and they don’t last long.

Are you prepared? Don’t know where to start?

There are many things to do to prepare for this business, and you don’t have to be in it to do them. You can do a lot of preparation prior to obtaining your license, and it makes no difference if you are going to be part-time or full-time. Some will jump into real estate with both feet, while some are planning their exit strategy from their job and will be transitioning into the business over time.

Here are EIGHT things you can do to prepare for the real estate business before you ever get a license:

  1. Begin assembling your team
  2. Preview property
  3. Study and learn contracts
  4. Learn the city
  5. Set up your web site
  6. Learn mortgage financing
  7. Learn the language of the business
  8. Learn the closing process

Start working on this to get ahead and hit the ground running when your license comes in.

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