There are 3 purposes to a business. The first is to give you your life. In order to achieve real estate success, you don’t have to (nor should you) give your life to your business.
You don’t have to design the business; we did that for you. It’s called The Real Estate Business Blueprint and it shows the six components of a business, as well as the definition and goal of each. This course will introduce you to the six components and show you how they function and fit together to form a synergetic whole. The purpose of owning a business that works is so you don’t have to.
Make a list of all the things you want. Your own home? A bigger home? A car? A newer, better car? More income? More time to enjoy life? More time and money to travel? A mate? Then ask yourself, WHEN do I want these things, and set dates by which you will achieve or acquire them. The next question is HOW? How will you go about this? What process will you use? What needs to be done and in what order does it need to be done?
In this week’s video, Wayne Morgan talks about the process of designing the kind of life you want. Click the video below to watch.
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