There’s a mission that almost every RealtorⓇ in Texas is on to attract real estate investors and property owners to invest in real estate. 

It makes sense as a homeowner typically only buys a new home once every five to seven years, while real estate investors buy property whenever there’s an opportunity that matches their personal investment profiles. 

So how can you use this fact to your advantage?

How to Attract Investors and Property Owners to Invest in Texas Real Estate

Here are six solid tips on how to be a successful real estate agent by attracting real estate investors. 

1. Create a Financial Profile on Properties

Investors aren’t interested in sticker prices – they want to know the deep financial information. There are two ways to do this on real estate property:

  • A pro forma (Latin, meaning “as a matter of form”) statement is a top-sheet accounting document used to show financial results. Current revenue/gains, operating expenses, and projections are summarized from historic data to show expected ROI. 
  • Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) reports are created throughout the first year to show a rental property’s performance over that 12-month period. It is the same as a Profit & Loss (P&L) for a business; they’re provided to real estate investors along with a general marketing overview for exact financial data on revenue opportunities.

2. Set Up a Website

Building a website is easy, thanks to platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, and Shopify. One of the many ways you’ll get in front of people to invest in real estate online is through digital marketing. Think of your online presence like digital real estate. 

The more online presence you have, the better. From Blogs  to YouTube, to all popular social media platforms, it all matters. Get consistent branding with valuable information into those platforms immediately and make sure that they’re all promoted on your website and vice versa. It starts slow, but a decade from now, you’ll be glad you have a ten-year-old website with consistent, up-to-date blog posts instead of nothing.

3. Find and Attend Local Meetings

Another way you’ll get noticed around town by serious investors is if you meet them in person and exchange business cards after the interaction. This puts a personal touch and face onto your contact information and increases the odds of a follow-up.

Search for local investing meetups and real estate investing clubs. Any group that successful investors are joining is one you need to be a part of. Get your face and brand out there – it’ll let people know you’re more than just a website.

4. Subscribe to Real Estate Publications

If whatever you’ve read before this wasn’t about real estate, investing, or the combination of both, you could be missing a lot. You’re performing in the big leagues, and every minute you’re not on the floor needs to be spent researching and studying. Drill into everything and become an expert.

Magazines like Realtor Magazine, National Mortgage Professionals Magazine, Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine, Real Estate Magazine, The Linneman Letter  and Realty Times are just a few top-notch publications. These outlets keep you informed on who’s who and what’s trending on a regular basis, so you always have something cutting-edge, topical, and interesting to discuss when meeting investors.

5. Leverage Social Media

Approximately 42% of the world’s population uses social media actively. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more. Get familiar with these platforms and start posting your listings on them. Building web posts and linking back through social media gives you maximum exposure with minimal effort.

6. Create a Solid Call to Action

There’s no point generating traffic if you have nothing to offer. Spend part of your day gathering the best properties for solid investments and the rest closing sales. Every post should have a call to action, something like:

“If you’re selling property, I can get you the most money while making the fewest concessions. If you’re buying, I make sure you pay the lowest possible price and get the most concessions from the seller. 

Call me if you want expert, experienced representation for your investment properties.

Get Your Prospects to Invest in Real Estate Online 

Attracting real estate investors and property owners to invest in Texas takes more than just finding and talking to them in person. Nowadays, with the internet, you can get yourself and your expertise more searchable online. By investing in digital marketing (without forgetting those tried-and-tested traditional methods), you make it easier for those who need you to reach you with just a few clicks.

Do you need to upgrade your marketing skills and know more about what lies ahead in the future of real estate? Enroll in our available individual courses.