Flipping property traditionally means buying undervalued homes to “flip” for a profit. Many home renovation programs have flippers occupy and repair properties before flipping modern homes. That wasn’t the case in the heyday, but nowadays flippers are often misunderstood. A real estate mentor can help you understand who they really are and what they do through this blog post.

History of Flippers

House flippers contract with purchase a property from the current owner for the sole purpose of immediately turning around to sell that property. In an overheated market, it wasn’t uncommon for the same property to change hands multiple times at the closing table before reaching the final buyer. It sounds a bit complicated, so here’s an example:

Person A finds a vacant lot for sale and estimates its value at $50,000 more than its asking price of $100,000. Person A purchases the property from Person B while also negotiating the sale of the property to Person C for $150,000 based on research. In doing so, Person A gives Person B the asking price and makes $50,000 flipping the contract to its end owner. 

Online investment courses and the preference of many to invest in real estate online made resources like the MLS and county records available, so fair market values are easier to determine. Many flippers find themselves taking possession, rehabbing, and “flipping” homes in today’s market.

It’s more traditionally known as a “fix and flip,” but it’s still a valid way to earn revenue. Properties sell below the market all the time. Someone will take advantage of the opportunity to repair or rebuild — why not you?

3 Real Estate Mentor-Approved Tips on How to Market to Flippers

Owners sell property under market values for a variety of reasons. They no longer want the property, and they want it gone fast. The process of interviewing a real estate agent, getting an inspection and doing repairs, preparing for the market, staging, showing, etc., can be difficult. They’re happy to take an under-market price from a real estate investor willing to put in the time to do all that.

Otherwise, here are three ways to get your property noticed by real estate flippers.

1. List a Property on MLS

If you’re licensed, listing a property on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the fastest way to get interested eyes on it. MLS is used by real estate brokers to share resources in a fast-paced market. It’s the single most reliable real estate resource online, and even if you’re not licensed, you should be using it over third-party marketplaces like Zillow as your go-to resource.

2. List a Property as a “Handyman’s Special”

People will understand that a “Handyman’s Special” is a “fix and flip.” There’s nothing wrong with a property that can’t be cured by the proper price adjustment. Someone will inevitably believe every property is too expensive, while others will find it a bargain and buy it.

3. Find Buyers in Person 

People will always trust in-person contact more than online. It puts a human touch on the transaction that makes it feel more real, even if they invest in real estate online. Join local real estate investing networks to find buyer pools, and talk to people you already know who have active investments in any field. They may be considering another real estate investment.

Get Started Flipping Houses Today and Improve Your Skills with a Real Estate Mentor

Flippers are people who understand how to buy low and sell high. It includes everything from real estate agents and market analysts to institutional investors. They’re the day traders of the real estate market. 

If you want to attract flippers, you need to become an expert flipper yourself. In doing so, you’ll learn the lingo and where investors are through the natural progression of your financial goals. As you gain financial independence, you learn to find flippers who want a fast profit. If necessary, you can negotiate all the repairs and other fine details.

Ultimately, flippers, like other real estate investors, want maximum profit for minimum work. If you show that you’re willing to go the extra mile and close deals as fast as possible, flippers will eventually find you. Your online marketing is just a way to help them find you and learn about what you’re doing. 

It takes 10,000 hours of hard work, practice, and taking steps to eventually achieve “overnight” success. If you start now, you’ll get there faster than you think.

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