If you’re planning to make a move to your first investment, you’re off to a great start to financial independence. Real estate is still the best investment to make in 2020 – millionaires say so according to a CNBC survey. But, before you start, should you take a real estate license course?

8 Reasons Why Taking a Real Estate License Course Can Help You as an Investor

You don’t really need to take a real estate license course to become an investor. However, having the right knowledge has its advantages.

1. Have Better Security in the Future 

29% of Boomers aged 65 to 72 are still either working or looking for work today. If you want assets that protect you in your golden years, learning how to invest correctly and being prepared can help you feel more secured on whatever happens to the economy in the future.

Don’t trust a financial advisor or accountant with your future. That’s not security. Security is doing things yourself and knowing you’re covered. It’s not living check to check and slaving away in your golden years for someone else. 

With a real estate license course, taught by an experienced instructor with hundreds of transactions under their belt, you’re securing your future.

2. Sell More Properties

The more investors you have, the more you sell. You’ll notice investors buy more properties than homeowners. Homeowners move every five to seven years, but if you invert that ratio and have one investor who’s buying five to seven houses a year for a decade, profits multiply accordingly.

You see this happen all the time. The National Multifamily Housing Council tracks six management companies managing over 100,000 units apiece. Everyone starts somewhere, and there’s unlimited growth potential, especially when you know how to invest in real estate. Investors are always looking for deals and real estate professionals who can bring them deals sell more properties than those who only represent homeowners.

3. Have Long-Term Investments

Investors are always looking to buy property, while homeowners are just keeping a roof over their heads. That’s the difference. Once you learn to invest through a real estate license course, you’ll understand financing, how to buy and sell, and make faster decisions that save time and money. As you become an investor, you learn to appreciate working with other investors who won’t waste your time.

4. Create More Opportunities

Buying your first home can be a scary proposition. There are risks of paying too much, borrowing too much, finding good contractors and tenants, etc. You might not be even sure how to perfectly handle your first investment property. However, once you get the hang of it with the help of the lessons you’ve learned in a real estate license course, it becomes second nature.

5. Decrease Risk

Once you understand how and where to invest in real estate, your financial risk goes down. This is because you can distinguish “good” from “bad” properties.  

6. Earn More

Over the past 30 years, the average stock market investor gained 3.66%, while even the S&P 500 index itself gained only 10% over the past decade. With a real estate license course, you can learn simple yet effective strategies that provide 40% or more returns.

Lenders are happy to provide mortgages for real estate investments, instead of lending you money to gamble on money markets. Since you know how to  buy properties far below the market value, your returns will be phenomenal.

7. Get More Leverage

As a real estate investor, you’ll do more with less. You use someone else’s money to buy a property. You’ll hire a general contractor to remodel it, inspect it, and create the marketing materials to either rent or sell it for you. If you decide to rent, a property management company can take care of finding tenants, repairs, or any issues that arise until you’re ready to sell.

8. Create Ongoing Income

No matter what point you decide to stop, you’ll continue making money. Rental income replaces working income, so you don’t have to keep slaving away for someone else. If you purchase only one property every year, you’ll still have a handful to keep you afloat in your golden years.

Learn the Fundamentals with a Real Estate License Course Today

It’s never too late to learn real estate investment, get a license, and apply what you’ve learned to your journey as an investor. The Real Estate Business School offers 7-course starter and professional packages that teach you all the principles and laws you need to know. We also provide exam preps and mentoring to make sure you’re all set to succeed in the state licensing exams.

If you have any questions about our pre-licensing packages, call us at 800-624-5440 or email info@buildmyrebusiness.com.