Getting your Texas real estate license takes time. It won’t be like preparing for the GMAT or LSAT, but certainly, you’ll need a study plan to make sure you pass the licensing exam.

How long is real estate school in Texas? The answer is: it will take at least 180 classroom hours to complete the required real estate courses. Does that mean you need to be physically in a room to complete your 180 hours? No! 

There are six mandatory real estate courses every prospective real estate agent must pass. It will take you 180 hours to complete them, but you can do them online and self-pace. 

We have seen students completing their 180 hours in a few weeks. But it all will depend on how many hours per week you can invest in taking your real estate courses.

Let’s Look A Little More At What It Takes To Get A Real Estate License In Texas

The first thing most future real estate agents want to know is: what are the Texas real estate courses I need to take? There are six mandatory real estate courses.

Principles of Real Estate I and Principles of Real Estate II – 60 Hours

Principles of Real Estate I is usually the first pre-license course people take. Both courses cover all of the real estate industry essentials, including common terminology and closing procedures.

Real Estate Finance – 30 Hours

As a real estate agent it’s important to know how mortgage financing works.

Law of Agency – 30 Hours

This real estate course discusses the fiduciary duties of agents, disclosure requirements and professional relationships.

Law of Contracts – 30 Hours

Learn about the legal requirements and laws surrounding the use of contracts.

Promulgated Contract Forms – 30 Hours

In this pre-licensing course, you’ll become familiar with the forms used in a real estate sale.

These six courses are the foundation of your real estate education. 

If you plan to get a broker license you’ll need to complete the Real Estate Brokerage course as well. This real estate course covers what goes into operating a real estate brokerage. There are also a number of elective real estate courses that can be taken before getting a Texas real estate license.

Exam Preparation

Your courses come with our unique Exam Prep modules.

Our exam prep is an integral part of the systematic way we educate and prepare you for the state licensing exam. Live classroom or online, this course condenses, distills and consolidates the six courses into just the pertinent data you need for the State exam.

How it works

In our live classroom course, we start with a sample exam, score it and then spend time going over that data. 

We cover the math formulas, the terminology, and concepts you will need to understand and test-taking techniques. 

We end the course with another sample exam. 

If you pass the second exam, go take your state exam. If for some reason you do not pass the second sample exam in class, do not take the state exam. Instead, come back and take your exam prep course again, with our compliments. 

It is all designed to culminate with you comprehending and understanding the material the Texas Real Estate Commission wants you to know to become licensed. The prep is intense, fast-paced, and is designed to assist you in passing the state exam and obtaining your license.

Our prep is also available online to students who are not able to attend the live exam prep course.

You will receive unlimited access to questions that will cover the concepts you will need to know.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about how to prepare for the real estate exam. All you need is to show up and we will educate you and give you all the tools you need to succeed at this new endeavor. 

What Is Your Real Motivation To Start A Real Estate Career?

Very often, we explore ways to change and get discouraged by the perceived effort. If you’re considering becoming a real estate agent, then your real question you need to ask is WHY? Why would you like to own a real estate business?

Real Estate Is The Best Business In The World 

If you like to help people, then a real estate business is a great fit.

We make other people’s dreams come true…while achieving our own. 

Home ownership IS the American dream and millions of people yearn for that dream to become a reality. 

What better way to be compensated than by helping make other people’s dreams come true? Enjoy the satisfaction and live a life knowing that you get paid for helping make other people’s dreams come true. 

With a real estate business, you’ll have unlimited income potential. There’s no ceiling.  You can make as much money as you want; no one will ever again tell you what you are worth. 

With the right education and training, you can literally make as much as you want to. 

Rest assured that if you become one of our students, we’ll get you licensed and THEN show you how to use it to start getting paid!

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After earning less than $5,000 his first year in real estate, and getting no help from the school he attended, Co-founder Wayne and his wife bought a school and began teaching real world real estate. Thirty years later, their graduates are among the most successful and respected in the business.