As technology, social media platforms, and consumer behavior evolve, real estate agents must also change the way they connect with their audience. With mobile connectivity and content consumption thriving, real estate video marketing has made its way to the forefront of effective marketing strategies.

Smartphones have removed barriers for video creation, increasing the medium’s accessibility; if you have an iPhone, you are able to make high-quality video. In 2019, video content is at the center of the online experience for most users, making it more important than ever to make video content an integral part of your business’ marketing strategy.

A few stats to put things into perspective:

The Value of Real Estate Video Marketing for Agents

Video can be a powerful tool for expanding your influence, demonstrating your expertise, and perhaps most importantly, generating more leads to keep your business thriving. With real estate being such a relationship-driven business, appearing on camera allows viewers to connect with you on a personal level.

You have likely heard that people will most often do business with those that they know, like, and feel they can trust. Video may be the fastest way to humanize yourself to your potential clients and achieve those factors at scale. When viewers can see your unique personality, mannerisms, and your control of the subject matter, there will be an inherent boost in their comfort level and familiarity with who you are and what you do.

With consistency and a commitment to creating video content that brings value to your audience, video has the potential to transform your real estate business.

Below are seven ideas to help you get started with creating compelling real estate videos to help generate leads on an ongoing basis:

1. Livestreams

Livestreams may be the most effective way to connect with your community and engage with them in a fun, low-pressure environment. One study has indicated that live video retains viewers eight-times longer than on-demand video. Some compelling uses of livestreams for agents include:

  • Property walkthroughs: Showcase your listings by broadcasting a walkthrough where you show the flow of a home and its desirable features. 
  • Discussion topics: Pick a real-estate topic that you are well-versed in and spend up to 10 minutes sharing your expertise. Encourage your viewers to ask questions throughout the broadcast so you can address them individually as you go along or after you have covered your talking points.

You can do live broadcasts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (via an app called Periscope). To decide which platform to go live on, consider which one you are most active on already, where you have the largest existing audience, or where you expect your target audience to be.

Real Estate Livestreams

2. Listing Videos

Pre-recorded videos for listings you are selling will allow for more production value and control of the content. Along with including the essential information about the property, you will have the freedom to talk about your favorite features of the listing and its key selling points (including neighborhood, privacy, convenience, schools, etc.).

3. “About Me” Videos

Allow your viewers to get to know you better as an agent! Creating a quick video that gives an overview of who you are is helpful to include on your website and can serve as a great piece of content to pass along to potential clients. You can talk about your qualifications, your accomplishments, why people like working with you, and any other relevant information such as specialties, added services, or areas of focus within real estate.

4. Pro Tips & Advice

Use video to become a trusted source of real-estate information. Think of questions you regularly get from your clients for topic ideas, and craft your own series of content that delivers to potential clients value with your own advice. From ‘How to Choose a Real Estate Agent’ to ‘Tips for Maintaining Your New Home’ and everything in between, there is no shortage of things to give your take on. Just be sure to focus on topics that you can credibly speak to.

Video Marketing Concept

5. Expert & Client Interviews

Video interviews with experts involved in different aspects of real estate can be helpful to your audience and serve as resources for your clients. Leverage your existing network of people you like to work with, including: lenders, inspectors, stagers, contractors, interior decorators, and landscapers to create a hub of informative content for your viewers and clients. You can also consider doing interviews with some of your favorite clients to serve as testimonials to help attract new leads.

6. Localized Content

Showcase the cities, towns, and neighborhoods you serve by creating content that provides value  to the local consumer, or those who may be interested in moving to the area. Discuss local market trends, interesting events, fun attractions, and featured businesses in the community as a way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on the area.

7. Personality-Driven Content

Create content that is more focused on you and less on specifically selling your real estate  services. Your potential clients will be drawn to you and your unique personality, after all! This content works best as short video updates that give your audience a glimpse into your daily life – even outside of your real-estate activities.

The ‘stories’ feature on Facebook and Instagram is a great place for this type of content. Since updates there are viewable for 24 hours and then disappear, you have a bit more freedom to create and post without the pressure of having high production value.

Ready, Set, Shoot

When you commit to creation of video that provides value to your audience, your viewers will develop a rapport with you. Consistency with your content will keep you top-of-mind when your audience needs a real estate agent, increasing your chances of getting new leads. While it’s a long-game, brand-building approach, video gives you the best opportunity to cut through the noise of social media and truly connect with your audience.

Regardless of which of these strategies you choose, do your best to let your personality shine through and always end with a solid call-to-action that lets your viewers know where they can find and get in contact with you. You may find, as many of your colleagues have already, that it takes your business to the next level.

So gather your thoughts, take a deep breath, turn on your camera, and share your experiences and knowledge!