We had another great turnout this month for our Wealth Mastermind Group Webinar for real estate agents who like to study real estate online! Thanks to all of those who joined us in person and also those who watched online.

A unique Marketing position is a sentence, phrase, or paragraph that elevates, separates, differentiates and distinguishes you and your business from all competitors, positions you in their mind as the obvious choice and keeps you from competing based on price alone. Wayne’s message for this seminar/webinar was about how to design, develop, and communicate your Unique Marketing Position (UMP). This is a crucial step in becoming a successful real estate agent.

No matter what the product or service is, it has to be positioned in the prospect’s mind. We have to educate them as to what we do, how we do it that way, why we do it that way and the benefit to them. To do that be specific and clear. Include facts, figures, and statistics to build credibility and trust. Stay away from generalities and platitudes.

We will be releasing the HD Video from the webinar in a 5-part series. Click the video below to start watching part 1! Remember that the BEST place in Texas to study real estate online is The Real Estate Business School.

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