remarketWhether you are ready to get involved in a bigger real estate market or you are looking into a new home for yourself, you may want to find out where the top places to live are before you make that choice.  Here are our picks for the top three states to live in and a few reasons to check out these real estate hot spots!



1. Texas

With a booming economy and a lot of southern charm, Texas is ahead of the pack with three of the top cities in the U.S., Austin, Houston, and Dallas all in one place. One really big place that it is, Texas ranks in as the second biggest state in the nation. So if you plan on traveling to all three of these cities, you better plan a whole trip.  Not only does the Music Capital of the U.S. call Texas its home, but the state also holds 4 out of the 5 top ranked economy cities in the US.

2. Colorado

Low unemployment rates, high quality of living and beautiful weather make Colorado one of the most desired places to live in the entire US. With such an ideal climate and cozy towns like Cherry Hills, Denver, and Superior it is easy to see why. Take one look at the lush green landscape, and the distinct change in seasons and you may be next in line to pack up and move the Centennial State!

3. Georgia

Home to the busiest airport in the world and some of the most diverse cultures, Georgia ranks in as number three on our list of markets to watch. Currently one of the best economies in the world, sales of homes in Georgia are expected to rise by 11% in 2015. And with real gems like Savannah and Charleston lining the coast, the state is home to some of the most beautiful views in the country!