During these unprecedented times, we have all discovered the necessity in shifting our focus so that we can best serve our clients. At The Real Estate Business School, it is no different. 

Leading With Customer Service

To us, you are more than students, you are part of our community. 

Of course, we are a school and we are determined to take you beyond receiving and maintaining your real estate license. We want to set you up for success so that you can experience a successful life-long career in real estate.

Here Are The Ways We Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business:

1- We launched Wayne’s TV Show.

Join us for Wednesdays with Wayne on Facebook Live

Because we have a strong desire to serve you well, we have begun offering Live Facebook Sessions every Wednesday, titled, “Wednesdays with Wayne.” This is a weekly show that we plan to continue to offer where we feature the CEO and resident comedian, Wayne. He offers “real talk” and advice for both new and veteran real estate professionals. The information he shares is not just how to make your real estate business grow; he will teach you how to reach new heights in both career and life.  You do not want to miss these weekly episodes, so be sure to catch them live on Wednesdays in order to join in on the conversation.

2- ‘How To Get My Real Estate License’ and ‘Learn How To Use It’ – Ways to Learn More

We have added more resources for both, professionals considering becoming real estate agents, especially teachers, and existing agents.

We know what it takes to grow a real estate business. Real estate IS a business and it takes a business mindset in order to be good at it. What is the Business Mindset? The Business Mindset is a way of viewing the world. The public education system teaches us to become employees. The culture sounds like this: listen to what I say, do what I say to do, don’t make mistakes, study by yourself, take tests on your own, make good grades, get a good job and work hard for money. The mental, psychological and financial damage lasts a lifetime. 

We see the effects years later when these former students enter real estate classes terrified about the testing process, yet ultimately become licensed only to walk away in disappointment just a few months later because they don’t know how to market, sell, negotiate or run a business. It’s very sad. Why? Because real estate is THE best business in the world! 

3- Free Mindset Training

We are passionate about helping, students get their license, but even more interested in making sure that students learn how to use it to build a business that creates success and wealth.

It all starts with a mindset. In this case, the Business Mindset that begins the minute you enter our doors, take our classes, become our customers and decide that you want to be in charge of your own destiny. The culture is the opposite of what has been taught in public education because the outcome is different. We remove the employee mindset and replace it with The Business Mindset. What do we teach? Listen to yourself, do what your intuition tells you to do, make mistakes & correct them quickly, no one succeeds alone, put your team together, study , learn and share information together, work for a purpose, make your money work for you, build your own wealth.

In addition to the vast course selection that we offer, we have developed a specialized model for maximizing business growth called The Real Estate Business Blueprint®. 

The Real Estate Business Blueprint® is a business model, or map. It shows the six components of a business with the definition and goal of each component. Included in each component are the tools and a detailed explanation of how each tool functions in that particular component. It is a diagram that shows how to build a real estate business. The relevance of these courses is to provide agents and brokers, who instead of doing everything on their own, learn how to develop a high-performance team. A key in being successful at running a real estate business is to find others who are strong where you are weak and only work on activities where you are really good or excellent. This course gives agents and brokers a new perspective on their business.

Learn more about The Real Estate Business BlueprintⓇ course here:

4- The Real Estate Business School’s CEO Book

We have another amazing resource for you! Wayne Morgan wants to share his book with you How to Get Rich In Real Estate…And Have a Life.

In his book, Wayne discusses the devastating feeling of learning that another one of his students has left the business or, even worse, cannot leave the business because every time they stop working, their income stops. Success in real estate is simple. Just follow the formula; 1. Get your license. 2. Build your business. 34. Invest your profits. This book, this curriculum and The Real state Business School will show you how. What are you waiting for?

We want you to have an autograph copy signed by Wayne Morgan. 

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