Pre-Licensing Course Books

Pre-Licensing Course Books.
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Principles of Real Estate I #121

Principles of real estate 1 book $39

Principles of Real Estate II #122

Principles of real estate 2 book

Law of Contracts #1251

law of contracts book $39

Law of Agency #1151

law of agency book $39

Real Estate Finance #451

real estate finance book $39

Promulgated Contracts #351

promulgated contracts book $39

How To Get Rich In Real Estate and Have a Life

how to get rich in real estate


Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE) Books

Marketing: The Number One Skill to Have #538

marketing the number one skill to have book

Real Estate Marketing: Buyer’s Agent #530

real estate marketing buyers agent book

Real Estate Marketing: Business Principles & Strategies #558

558 BPS cover$39

Real Estate Brokerage #751

real estate brokerage book $39

Real Estate Appraisal: Principles & Standards #230

real estate appraisal book

Continuing Education (CE) Course Books

CE Legal Update I

legal update 1 book

CE Legal Update II

legal update 2 book

CE Broker Responsibility

broker responsibility book

CE External Environmental Issues

external environmental issues book

CE Principles of Business

principles of business book