Mortgage Educator Courses

Courses offered in partnership with Colibri provider (CE Provider #1400214)

The Association Of Mortgage Educator’s courses are approved by the NMLS to fulfill the SAFE Act education requirements.

Prelicensing Education:

National Prelicense Courses:

Students enrolled in National Prelicense courses must actively participate in the course throughout the entire session. Students are required to start on time and will not be able to finish before the scheduled end date of the National course. Course completions will be submitted to the NMLS within seven days after the course end date. Students who do not log in to their National course on the start date of the course session will be required to move to another session date.

State Specific – Self-Study Courses:

Students enrolled in our Prelicense State specific online courses are formatted as self-study courses that allow students to work independently and at their own pace. Course completions for self-study courses will be submitted to the NMLS within seven days after course completion.


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Mortgage Exam Prep:

The Mortgage Loan Originator Review Crammer is specifically designed to help students prepare for the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test and offers various ways to check and reinforce their knowledge in terminology, concepts, and applications while refreshing their test-taking skills.

Continuing Education:

Learn Mortgage offers a full, national catalog of NMLS-approved Continuing Education courses via multiple delivery methods including online, webinar, or private live class. Take our courses on your time, at your own convenience, to meet your yearly SAFE Act requirements – hassle-free.