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The Texas Home Inspector Master Course.

November 9th-16th, 2018
Location: Austin, TX

Home Inspection Training Done Right

American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) has been the leader in home inspection training since 1993. Whether your goal is to start and operate your own successful home inspection business or to be a contributor in an established home inspection company, our step-by-step home inspection training, which combines live and online training, in addition to marketing and technical support services provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

Online Home Inspection Course

The Professional Home Inspection Online Course from AHIT is the industry’s best home inspection training available from the convenience of a computer. This course covers the entire inspection through the use of instructor presentations, GoPro video footage of actual inspections, and other supportive materials.

Live Classroom and Field Training

The live classroom portion of the Texas Home Inspector Master Course is a critical component to your home inspection training. This unique hands-on training introduces you to the goals and standards of the industry and provides unmatched opportunity to inspect real local homes with your instructor.

AHIT Texas Home Inspection Master Course

  • This program will combine AHIT’s Texas Professional Course, which includes physical text books and online access to our virtual classroom with eight (8) days of live training.
  • Students will have access to our online training for six (6) months from date of registration.
  • Live training will occur from November 9, 2018 through November 16, 2018
  • The live training combines four (4) days of classroom training plus four (4) days of field training (eight (8) mock home inspections, each approximately five (5) hours).
  • To receive a certificate of completion, students must complete all online training and be in attendance for all hours of live training in addition to successfully passing all exams with a minimum score of 75%

Steps to Obtaining a Texas Home Inspector License

1. Complete Your Qualifying Education

130 Hours: Foundations (10 hours), Framing (8 hours), Building enclosure (10 hours), Roof Systems (10 hours), Plumbing Systems (8 hours), Electrical Systems (10 hours), Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (10 hours), Appliances (8 hours), Texas Standards of Practice (4 hours), Texas Standard Report Form/Report Writing (12 hours), Texas Legal/Ethics (8 hours), Standards of Practice Review (4 hours), Inspector Legal & Ethics (4 hours), any qualifying inspection subject (24 hours)

2. Meet the Experience and the Additional Education Requirements

200 Hours: Foundations (30 hours), Framing (30 hours), Building Enclosure (24 hours), Plumbing Systems (16 hours), Roofing (24 hours), Electrical Systems (24 hours), HVAC Systems (24 hours), Appliances (6 hours), Standards of Practice Review (4 hours), Inspector Legal & Ethics (4 hours), Standard Report Form/Report Writing (8 hours), any qualifying inspection subject (6 hours)


  • 40 hours of fieldwork AND 24 hours of approved experience coursework OR
  • Complete 16 hours of fieldwork AND 60 hours of approved experience coursework OR
  • 5 years of personal experience in a field directly related to home inspection, including but not limited to installing, servicing, repairing or maintaining the structural, mechanical and electrical systems found in improvements to real property. Must provide 2 affidavits from persons other than the applicant who have personal knowledge of the applicant’s work, detailing the time and nature of the applicant’s relevant experience. Each affidavit must be from a different source and include a contact telephone number and signature and must be notarized.
3. Filing your Application

Once you have completed your courses, submit your education, Inspector License Application, and if applicable, experience to the Texas Real Estate Commission  “My License” system (https://mylicense.trec.texas.gov/). Click on “Register HERE to set up a user ID and password” and follow the steps to create an account. Once an account is created you will apply for a new license. The application fee for a Professional Inspector license is $120.

You may mail your documentation, fax copies of your documentation to 512-936-3864, or scan and send in your education documents along with a digital copy of the application electronically to documents@trec.texas.gov. All fees should be paid by cashiers check, personal check, or money order payable to the Texas Real Estate Commission. There is a $20.00 paper filing fee that will be required for all transactions filed by paper that can be submitted electronically at the TREC website.

4. Get your Fingerprints Taken and Pass Your Background Check
You are required by law to have fingerprints on file with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) so a background check can be performed. Fingerprints on file for other agencies will not be accepted.
A license will not issue if the background check has not been passed. Expect a delay if you are notified of an investigation into your background history.
5. Take the Exam
License exams are administered by PearsonVUE, a testing service company.
Once TREC has approved you to take the exam, you will receive a notice with instructions for scheduling the exam and obtaining a copy of the exam Candidate Handbook.
If you fail the exam three times, you will be required to take additional education before you can retake the exam.

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Cost: $2700.00
November 9th-16th, 2018
Location: Austin, TX