How To Get Rich in Real Estate…AND Have a Life!

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About The Book

This book is about making money and converting that income into a passive income stream that flows into you whether you work or not.

Having a superior comprehension of what’s essential to focus on can mean the difference between making a sharp investment and buying a headache and probably the most effective way to foster the abilities you want to learn about the encounters or study the information concerning the individuals came before you. Know how to find great deals and make huge profits in the real estate industry.

Learn why real estate is such a positive money-maker for you and how to achieve a high return on investment. Proven methods, and quick and easy tips, this book illustrates to you how to search best properties with the most potential knowledge, analyze deals, negotiate, and provide offers, effectively manage assets, and drastically elevate the value of your real estate without investing much money. Become a pro real estate agent. Start employing your growth investments techniques and get rich.

We will teach you how to get into real estate investing with very little money. The techniques we provided in this book are the same strategies employed to launch individuals’ real estate investing careers when having very little money to invest.

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About the author.

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Co-founder and CEO of The Real Estate Business School

Wayne has been an Entrepreneur since age 16 and a Business Owner since age 19. He is the Author of the book “How to Get Rich in Real Estate..AND Have a Life!”, an International Seminar Leader who traveled with and taught for Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and many other books. As a Real Estate Investor, Wayne has been involved in over 800 real estate deals worth over $500 million dollars. He owns three Business and Real Estate Training Companies, has trained over 200,000 participants, had a local TV show “Your Real Estate Show”.