Your business will evolve in three steps

Step One

Get Your License: the technical education you will need to become licensed.

Step Two

Build Your Business: the business education your clients expect you to have.

Step Three

Invest Your Profits: the financial education required to build wealth via investment.

This page contains the courses that start where your licensing courses stop. These courses were designed to teach the fundamentals of listing, selling and investing in real estate. These courses create the trajectory your business will take. Only, unlike a rocket which burns out & crashes back to earth, your flight path breaks through the ceiling most experience and results in a perpetual orbit.



Mentoring Program

To accelerate your entry and get you into the business of listing, selling and making money right away, we recommend starting with the Mentoring Program. The program does require you to have your real estate license. It is 30 hours over ten weeks and can be taken 3 ways.

It is included in the Licensing Package + 30 hours of Mentoring. This is recommended if you are just getting started and need licensing courses and training.

It is offered by itself without any other courses.​ This is recommended if you have discovered the real estate business is not as easy as it seems and you are committed to being a success but need a model to follow.


The next business building course we recommend for your Professional Development is Marketing: THE Number One Skill to Have! ​Marketing truly is the most important business skill to have, so take this course to learn how to elevate, separate and differentiate yourself from all your competitors, make them irrelevant, position yourself as the obvious choice and lead your prospects to conclude “I’m going to do business with you”! TREC-approved, 30 hours, Online Correspondence, Live Classroom or Webinar delivery methods.


The next course in business building we recommend, after you apply what you learned in marketing and started making the money you want to make, is to learn how to treat your career like a business by taking our “Business Principles and Strategies​” course . This course will show you how to put your business on auto-pilot so you make more while working less. This is a 30-hour TREC-approved course and is also available as a 10-hour CE course titled The Principles of Business. Each can be taken via Online Correspondence, Live Classroom, or both and via webinar.


The next level is our Real Estate Business in a Box Business Coaching​. This high-level business course will put you in the top 5% of all your peers. Business strategies and tactics become the norm as you spend more and more time working “ON” your business and less and less time “IN’ it. Limited to a select group of only 25, this is the equivalent of an MBA in just 10 weeks.

This 40-hour Business Coaching Program essentially provides what many call a real estate MBA in 52 weeks. (Change site to 52 weeks) The course is 40 hours over 10 weeks and accountability and follow up calls are held every two weeks afterward for 42 weeks to ensure schedules are kept, stats are measured and progress continues.

RE Business Blueprint
The third and final step is Step Three:​ Invest Your Profits.​ Real estate is THE best business in the world, but it does have its pitfalls. The good news: you have the freedom of being on your own. The bad news: you’re on your own. Because you are considered an Independent Contractor, you have no health or life insurance, and no retirement or benefits plan. This means you will need to create your own. This is where we, as the business school, come in.

The business education we provide will show you the way to make more money than you thought possible IF you are committed and coachable and follow the formulas. Now, we move to Step Three: Invest Your Profits. The wealth in real estate is in owning it, not listing it and selling it to someone else. The Principles of Investing TREC-approved 30-hour course will give you the basic fundamentals to get you started identifying, analyzing, buying and re-selling property for profit. Offered Combo Online Correspondence and Live Classroom as well as Live Webinar.

Principles of Investing

Investors Coaching Club

The Real Estate Investors Coaching Club​ will increase your financial IQ with 40 hours of high-level analysis of income-producing properties. How to find below-market properties, conduct financial analysis to determine risk and value, reading and analyzing property pro-formas, writing LOI’s writing contracts, obtaining financing, etc. will all be done in class. Property will be bought and sold during the year-long event, with site visits and introductions to all the professionals that come together to make that happen. Meet lawyers, accountants, contractors, surveyors, engineers, developers, etc. Learn to acquire property without fear or risk that will produce income long after your real estate-selling days are over.