BROKERS:  Use this program as a guide to train your agents or to enhance your existing training. It is an easy program to facilitate and customize for your company as it is live video-recorded sessions that can be started, stopped, discussed, and enhanced (with your own procedures and techniques).
Group pricing available.

Meet Your Mentors:

Wayne Morgan

Wayne Morgan

Co-founder and CEO, The Real Estate Business School

National Speaker, National Sales Trainer, Published author of How to Get Rich in Real Estate… And Have a Life! Renowned real estate investor who trained with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad



Owner, The Real Estate Business School of Salado

National Speaker, National Sales Trainer, Published Author of Tales From Sales, Host of the “funniest podcast in Real Estate”, LOL Lessons in Real Estate, previous brokerage owner.


“This Program is for newly licensed agents OR for anyone who needs to sharpen their skill set to achieve what they want! “

Wayne Morgan and Myka Allen-Johnson

This program is an On-Demand, interactive video presentation of a live Mentoring program. Each video session can be reviewed at any time for further understanding and comprehension.


It takes most agents MONTHS to close their first transaction and get paid. MOST cannot wait that long.


Take advantage of two licensed, experience brokers with hundreds of real estate transaction who will  show you how!

What do YOU need to do to get the most out of this program?

  • Be committed
  • Be coachable
  • Be willing to do what it takes. That’s it!

What you will learn:

  • The Power Schedule: what to do & when to do it
  • 100 ways to generate leads: find people who want to buy or sell TODAY
  • How to market yourself: creating a social media presence
  • Scripts that convince: what to say to prospects so they hire you
  • Mastering technology: how to use MLS and ZipForms and your database
  • How to do a CMA that positions you as the expert
  • How to market & sell homes for top dollar
  • How to become a magnet for homebuyers
  • How to use MLS to select & show homes to buyers
  • How to assemble your team: lender, title rep, etc.
  • The negotiation process
  • The inspection process
  • Organizing the contract-to-closing
  • Understand the advertising rules and how to write ads that generate leads
  • How to write a contract that represents your clients

Cost: $499

Don’t wait to register for the “Mentoring Program”

Live Via Zoom monthly call with your Mentor, Wayne Morgan

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Next Call December 27th, 2022

from 9am – 10am


6-hr 2021-2022 Broker Responsibility Course #39962

Broker Responsibility is a mandatory continuing education six-hour course for anyone who sponsors or is responsible for the acts of salespersons.

The course is written by the Texas Real Estate Commission and Texas A &M University’s Research Center and is updated every two years. The purpose of the course is to address the regulatory aspects of the management, operation, and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas.

The course includes the scope and authority of the broker, what the broker can authorize a salesperson to do or not do, the broker’s fiduciary duties, and additional topics such as handling trust funds, property management, advertising, record keeping and written policies.

  • 33 hours of an Interactive, Live Recorded via Zoom Mentoring Program with two experienced brokers and business owners who have hundreds of transation experience between them
  • Monthly hour-long Q&A via Zoom with your Mentor, Wayne Morgan
  • A Discussion Group set up in your portal for idea exchange with other students and administered by Mentor, Myka Allen-Johnson
  • A Student Manual that Includes:
    • Scripts that turn no into yes
    • A formula for designing your life
    • How to create your daily, weekly and monthly activities
    • Contract-to-closing worksheets
    • The Real Estate Business School Blueprint
    • Agent goal sheet
    • How to use the DiSC profile to increase your income
    • How to ask quality questions
    • How to get the result YOU want
    • Understanding the conscious and sub-conscious mind and how it applies to sales
    • Steps to a successful listing campaign
    • How to create your marketing campaign and UMP
    • …And more!


Mentoring Program sessions are for professional development only. No TREC credit will be awarded for the Mentoring Program. Call The Real Estate Business School at 800-624-5440 to join the class.