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6 things most schools don’t tell you & don’t want you to know

  • Your real estate license guarantees you NOTHING.
  • They have never listed, sold or invested in real estate themeselves.
  • They brag about their pass rates, but they don’t tell you how many of their students fail in the business because they never sell anything, never make any money and soon quit.
  • The failure rate in real estate overall is above 80%.
  • They don’t know what to do about it.
  • We do. We will show you what to do & how to do it. Give us your goal. We’ll give you the formula. Follow the formula. Hit the goal
What is the solution

Take your classes from a business school run by owners who have sold & closed thousands of real estate transactions and can show you how.

Included in your 7-course licensing package is a NO-UP-FRONT COST 6-month Mentoring Program where we show you how to list & sell real estate. We guarantee you that you will make money or you don’t pay us.

Can you find another school that has a Mentoring Program and will make that guarantee to you? Of course not. They are happy to take YOUR money, but they won’t teach you how to make it back.

7 Course Package benefits

What’s So Special About Your Licensing Courses?

We have loaded our Licensing package with everything you need to pass the state exam and get your license…THEN WE SHOW YOU HOW TO USE IT!

We have combined the online correspondence AND live classroom courses into one package so that you have the best of both worlds available 24/7/365/.

And, since the courses are all self-paced you can pick and choose what material you want to study and study as fast or slow as you like, No timers!

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Here is what you will find in your $999 package that we offer you for just $599!


100% self-paced home study with live support.
180 TREC-approved hours (6 mandatory courses) PLUS the amazing state exam prep course (7 courses total).
Over 700 video animations of state exam test topics.


Downloadable PDF textbook with highlights and pictures.
Review quizzes end of each chapter.
Homework review material to emphasize state exam topics.
84 hours of live classes recorded. Watch, rewind, review, repeat. 24/7/365


Live recorded Exam Prep Class.
Built-in facial recognition proctor; no extra expense or travel.
Live Q&A sessions! Choose your class, choose your date and join a live Zoom class where you can ask all the questions you want!



Principles of Real Estate I (30 hours) – #121
Principles of Real Estate 1 is a Texas Real Estate Commission mandatory 30 hour “qualifying” course and is the foundation for the beginning real estate agent. The purpose of the course is to give students a brief synopsis and overview of real estate: what is real estate, how real estate is transferred and the documents used in transferring it, the federal laws governing real estate agents, owners and lenders, the rules and laws by which real estate agents will perform, and the real meaning of representation.

Every new agent coming into the real estate industry will benefit by having a good foundation and understanding of the basics of real estate. Agents must be aware and knowledgeable about the rules and laws in their business.

This course will increase the agents’ awareness and will begin to give the students the “big picture” of real estate in Texas.

Principles of Real Estate II (30 hours) – #122
Principles of Real Estate 2 is a Texas Real Estate Commission mandatory 30 hour “qualifying” course and is the continuation of the concepts found in Principles of Real Estate 1. As in Principles 1, the purpose of the course is to give students an overview of basic real estate terms and concepts

Topics covered in Principles 2 include real estate appraisal, the math used in real estate transactions, control and ownership of land, financing principles, property management, leasing, estates, title and transfers and closing procedures.

Law of Agency (30 hours) – #1151
Law of Agency is a Texas Real Estate Commission mandatory 30 hour “qualifying” course and is the foundation for law of agency knowledge.

The purpose of the course is to give students an overview of real estate agency including agency concepts, agency relationships, disclosure and duties to clients and third parties, seller agency, buyer agency, intermediary brokerage, creation and termination of agency, employments issues, ethics, and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Law of Contracts (30 hours) – #1251
Law of Contracts is a Texas Real Estate Commission mandatory 30 hour “qualifying” course. All real estate agents are responsible for knowing the laws and legality of the contracts they are using. This course is very important as agents are faced with explaining these legal documents in laymen’s terms.

Understanding the laws behind the creation of these contracts, including but not limited to the residential contracts, listing agreements, buyer representation agreements, information about brokerage services is probably the most important responsibilities an agent has.

Promulgated Contract Forms (30 hours) - #351
Promulgated Contract Forms is a Texas Real Estate Commission mandatory 30 hour “qualifying” course. The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with the Texas Real Estate Commission’s (TREC) promulgated contracts and various required addendum forms, as well as the Information About Brokerage Services (IBS) and the Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement.

Of any course offered as a mandatory qualifying course, this course is probably the most relevant as it is imperative that agents know and understand the Promulgated Contract Forms.

Agents will be dealing with these forms on a daily basis and must The course will focus on the One-to-Four Family Residential Contract, the Condominium Contract and all supplemental addenda.

The One-to-Four Family Residential Contract is broken down paragraph-by-paragraph and explained in layman’s terms so the student will know how to explain this legally binding document to their buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Finance (30 hours) – #451
Real Estate Finance is a Texas Real Estate Commission mandatory 30 hour “qualifying” course. The purpose of the Real Estate Finance course is to fulfill the required topics of the mandatory course required to obtain a real estate license.

The overall purpose is to give the student a basic understanding of the history of finance, how the monetary systems work, the role of the government in making funds available for purchasers, giving the student a basic understanding of the various types of loans available and a working knowledge of the process a purchaser goes through in obtaining financing.

The course is designed to increase the agent’s competency in the area of finance so they can speak intelligently with their clients and customers. Real estate finance for the new student can be intimidating as well as confusing. There are many laws and agencies that either govern or influence the actions of lenders, borrowers, real estate agents and others.

This course is designed to introduce the soon to be real estate agent to some of these concepts and to guide them through the many nuances.

Exam Preparation
Our exam prep is an integral part of the systematic way we educate and prepare you for the state licensing exam. Live classroom or online, this course condenses, distills and consolidates the six courses into just the pertinent data you need for the State exam.
How it works
In our live classroom course, we start with a sample exam, score it and then spend time going over that data. We cover the math formulas, the terminology and concepts you will need to understand and test-taking techniques. We end the course with another sample exam. If you pass the second exam, go take your state exam. If for some reason you do not pass the second sample exam in class, do not take the state exam. Instead come back and take your exam prep course again, with our compliments. It is all designed to culminate with you comprehending and understanding the material the Texas Real Estate Commission wants you to know to become licensed. The prep is intense, fast-paced, and is designed to assist you in passing the state exam and obtaining your license.

Our prep is also available online to students who are not able to attend the live exam prep course.

You will receive unlimited access to questions that will cover the concepts you will need to know.

A Message From Our Founders

Wayne & Lynn Morgan

Wayne & Lynn have been training the best of the best for decades. From hiring Gary Keller to travels with Robert Kiyosaki, training for success is in their blood. Where you go to school, who teaches you and what you learn DOES make a difference in how successful you will be.

There is so much more to real estate than just getting a license. If you are committed and coachable, we will provide you with the proven strategies, techniques and most of all, the mindset that turns ordinary agents into successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Real estate is the best busines in the world…we make other people’s dreams come true…while achieving our own.

Dream big, live large, pass it on. Your journey to greatness begins here.