Marketing: The Number ONE Skill to Have #538

Marketing is the #1 skill to have. In this course, learn how to use the Marketing and Sales Components of The Real Estate Business Blueprint®.

“This class is profound. Not only did it teach me marketing, but it gave me a valuable lesson in life.”
Michelle Carter

Sign up for this course if

  • You can’t state clearly the difference between you and other agents
  • You dislike cold calling strangers
  • Your marketing isn’t paying for itself

Become a Master Marketer in this class as you learn

  • Totally dominate your marketplace
  • Create an automated lead generating machine
  • Develop raving referring Clients that send you business constantly
  • Build undying customer loyalty
  • Build and totally automate the entire marketing plan that gets RESULTS
  • Elevate, separate, differentiate and distinguish you and your business from all competition
  • Re-set the selection process
  • Get prospects to one conclusion: They would be foolish to do business with anyone but you
  • The four marketing techniques every company needs
  • The twenty places to use them
  • The four ways to position yourself as the obvious choice
  • How to build an automated marketing campaign (who has time?)
  • Utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Active Rain to generate buzz, leads and transactions
  • Search Engine Optimization tactics that position your site
  • How to read analytics reports and increase marketing $$$ ROI

Sales Topics

  • Sell anything to anybody anytime—and make them love it!
  • Be Interested vs. Interesting
  • Understanding personalities
  • How, when and why people will make decisions
  • The four ways to present your service so they “get it”
  • The three different presentation styles
  • Why is your income in direct proportion to the quality of your questions?


If at the end of this course, you do not feel you received your money’s worth, we will cheerfully refund your tuition in full!

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RE Business Blueprint

The Real Estate Business Blueprint ®

The Real Estate Business Blueprint® is a set of plans that shows Realtors® how to run their career more like the business it is.

The Real Estate Business Blueprint® shows the six components of a business, the definition and goal of each and how they all function and fit together to form a synergetic whole.

These classes are taught Experiential Learning; simulated business games, activities, rock and roll music and lots of fun.

Music? Fun? Business education? Financial Freedom? The Business School for Real Estate Pros®. Where people excel, businesses flourish and success becomes normal!

This is a 30-Hour TREC approved course that can be used for SAE, Elective, and Broker’s License credit. Course Credit: 30 hours SAE/ up to 10 hours CE

Download course book in a PDF format and study offline at your own pace. Take end-of-chapter topic quizzes online and then an online final exam. Access courses from any desktop, laptop, or tablet. Exam topics are emphasized throughout the course. Text books available for purchase at our Online Book Store.

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