Real Estate Business Blueprint


Our Message to All New Real Estate Agents:

There is more to real estate than just getting a license; your license guarantees you nothing.

It is a tool and, like other tools, it is useless unless you know how to use it.

This is The Real Estate Business Blueprint. It shows the six components of a business, their definition, and the goal of each component. It’s so unique, it’s registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office!

The two TREC-approved courses that teach you how to use this are:

Real estate is a business, and unless you treat it like a business and run it like a business, you will soon be out of the business. This guide shows you how to build your business, step by step. Our courses and our Business In A Box Coaching Program will show you how to create the systems and automate your business, so that it will run without you and do what a business is supposed to do: GIVE YOU YOUR LIFE!

Start with the Marketing Component. Marketing is THE most important skill to have. It is the engine that drives leads into your business. The purpose of Marketing is to elevate, separate, differentiate and distinguish yourself from all your competitors. Dominate your marketplace, position yourself as the obvious choice, and make your competition irrelevant by using the tools in the Marketing Component.

Sales is next. After the lead is generated via marketing, simply find out what is wanted and needed and provide it! Use the tools is the Sales Component to accomplish this.

The next step in the process is the Production Component. This is where you produce what you advertised in the Marketing and Sales Components.

After you have produced what your customers want and need, WOW them in the Customer Service Component with world-class customer service. The goal is to have them become customers for life, returning and sending you a constant stream of referrals.

Keep your books using the tools in the Bookkeeping Component and utilize the tools in the Accounting Component to analyze your efforts and maintain financial health and stability of your business.

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Thank you.

Now, go mind your own business!