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A message to you from Wayne Morgan, co-founder and CEO of The Real Estate Business School.

Thank you for visiting The Real Estate Business School site. If you took your pre-licensing courses here, I want to personally thank you again for your business.

Now that you’ve been licensed you have probably discovered that your license guarantees you nothing. Sorry about that. TREC tells us what to teach, and although the classes provide a good foundation, they don’t teach you how to use your license once you get it.

I had the same experience when I got my license. My broker didn’t have time to train me.

The other agents in my office were too busy to train me, help me or answer my questions.

The school where I got my license didn’t know how to train me, either.

Although I had been in sales since I was 16 and I was now 32, I could not make enough money to pay my bills. I hate to admit it, but I made less than $5,000 my first year. I was drowning in debt and struggling to pay everyone I owed every month. Desperate, but determined, I borrowed some money and flew to Scottsdale, Az to attend a Tom Hopkins seminar. I bought all the books and tapes (yep, tapes), came home excited all over again and started studying what to do and how to do it. My investment paid off!

My second year, using what I learned, I was among the top producing agents in my office. The next year, I was among the top agents in the company. For the next several years, I was among the top agents city-wide, listing and selling hundreds of properties throughout the 1980’s recession.

Since no one had a program that taught agents how to use their license once they got it, my wife and I bought a school and wrote the training programs that did. We re-named our company The Real Estate Business School because that’s what we are and that’s what we teach. We are a business school for Realtors®, and we teach agents like you how to treat their business like a business and how to invest their profits so they will have an income after they stop selling real estate.

If you are doing well financially and meeting the goals you have set for yourself, you can stop reading and proceed to checkout. Thank you again for your business!

If you need a Re-start ad are committed and coachable, click here to take our SAE Top Producer package that includes 40 hours of hands-on training with the 98 hours of SAE that the pre-licensing courses don’t cover. This course will cover lead generation, digital media marketing, techniques that attract qualified buyers and sellers without cold-calling strangers and position you as the obvious choice.

Do you know what the biggest difference is between the agent who makes $50,000 per year and the agent who makes $500,000?


The agents making $500,000 see education as an investment, not an expense. They don’t ask how much it costs; they ask how much money it will make them.

This is how Top Producers and Professionals think.

Would you like to be one of them?

Click here now to purchase the Top Producer SAE Package that will provide you with an experienced broker who will personally teach you how to generate leads, find buyers and sellers who want to do business today and get you to the closing table faster than you imagined.

Getting your license is only step one. You need to know how to use it. Your phone did not automatically start ringing the day your license arrived in the mail.

But with our experience and your ambition, it will, and you can become the success you want to be.

Get your license. Learn to use it. If you want to cut through all the noise, by-pass all the nonsense, and get started learning how to list & sell people houses, click here.

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