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TREC-Required Instructor Training

Course Details

Effective January 1, 2016, instructors of Qualifying and Non-Elective CE courses must provide proof of completion of a minimum of 8 hours of instructor training in adult education techniques in the last four years. Holding a current CREI, DREI or CDEI designation as well as completing the ITI program will also satisfy this requirement.

Don’t worry! The Real Estate Business School is an approved provider for this Instructor Training Course. This exciting, entertaining and fun filled event will transform you from “teacher” to “World-class Presenter” and you will be able to take away tips and techniques that you will enjoy using in your next class!

This course will be held quarterly. So don’t miss your opportunity to get this taken care of and out of the way in one day!

Instructor: Wayne Morgan, Co-owner and CEO of The Real Estate Business School (fka Austin Institute of Real Estate), broker, author, coach, seminar leader, TREC-approved instructor and a life-long student.

Check the calendar below for available dates.

Message from Wayne:

“I’ve been studying, practicing and making learning fun and exciting by reigniting the joy of learning we were all born with for over 26 years.

If you have taken classes with me, you know what this means. If you haven’t, I hope you will consider attending my instructor training course.

Although I know you are already very accomplished as an educator and, thus, probably not happy TREC is forcing us to do this, we have put together what we believe is an event that will have you saying “I didn’t want to go but I’m glad I went!”

Truthfully, I was not a good student and it is quite surreal I’m even in education, much less teaching teachers. However, I committed to be the best I could be. I have read, studied and have been practicing teaching methods for decades starting with my first seminar with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. I traveled with Robert throughout Australia and New Zealand for 6 years and taught using experiential and accelerated learning techniques.

I have also studied with Michael Grinder, the father of NLP, Bobbi DePorter, founder of SuperCamp, attended many Instructor Training Programs and have been using techniques to keep audiences of 400+ on the edge of their seats for 4 days.

I assure you the day will be worth your time and financial investment.

You can expect to have fun and come away with a few new insights and tools that you can begin using right away.

I hope to see you there.

To your success!”